Weather Observation Forms & Observer Guide

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Use data from your own weather instruments or from the nearest weather observation station to create a daily or hourly weather record. Over time, recording weather changes increases curiosity. Adults and children begin to see patterns in cloud types, wind, temperature, relative humidity, pressure, and precipitation.

This section includes the official weather plotting symbols used by meteorologists worldwide. Use “Your Weather Briefing” on our home page to find weather maps that include station model plots. Decode the station model plots learn about current weather around the world. Practice plotting station models using your own data or date from official weather stations. The forms are free.

The “Weather Guide” pages near the bottom of this page provide more information to help you make your own weather observations.

Sample Filled In Forms

Online Weather Observer Guide

Weather Plotting Symbols

Symbols are used by meteorologists worldwide as a short-hand for plotting weather observations. The observations from many weather stations may be plotted on a map. This helps meteorologists visualize how the observations fit together in patterns. The symbols are a code for the various weather elements and are plotted in what is called a station model. Scroll down to learn more how weather observations are plotted.

Current weather observations are available on numerous weather-related web sites including Digital Atmosphere software from allows you to download and plot data from worldwide sources. If you have your own weather instruments try plotting your own data on the Station Model Plotting Form. With practice, you will probably begin to visualize weather in different ways. The form is available free by scrolling up this page.

The Weather Symbols

11" X 17" Black and White Chart.

11" X 17" Black and White Chart.

The entire chart is 11” x 17”. You may download and print sections of the chart on 8 1/2” x 11” paper by scrolling down.

Symbolic Station Model Plot

The codes on the Symbolic Station Model plot correspond to the codes on the Weather Symbol Chart above.

Weather Symbols by Category

Print individual sections of the Weather Plotting Symbols full chart.

Past Weather Symbols

Sky Coverage Symbols

Wind Direction and Speed Symbols

Pressure Tendency Symbols

Weather Observing Tips