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The number of products in the Weather Briefing Store will be growing. The current selection includes the Cloud Identification Chart and the Cloud Collection Note Cards and digital products. 

Digital products are delivered immediately online. We include a selection of digital charts, maps, and educational aids at no charge.  To order the free digital products select the product and click "Checkout." Enter your Contact Information, Billing Address, skip Secure Payment, and then click on "Submit Order." A download link will be provided for immediate access.

Cloud Identification Chart

This large 24" x 36" color Cloud Identification Chart features 42 clouds classified by family; high, middle, low, and vertical. The families include the 10 principle cloud types which are named according to their altitude and form. Each family type is subdivided into cloud species which describe the size, shape and form of the cloud elements within a layer.

The chart is printed on durable 100# text paper with a glossy finish. The chart shows beautifully in standard frames available in discount stores custom framed. The chart is as attractive as it is informative and is ideal for museums, science centers, schools, libraries, businesses, or at home. Shipped in a mailing tube or box. Currently shipped to addresses in the United States and Canada. Free ground shipping in the USA.  

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Free Digital Products

Plotting Maps

NSSFC Plotting Map

Plot weather observations in the station model format using this National Severe Storms Forecast Center (NSSFC) plotting map. The product is free. Download it, print it on paper that is at least 11" x 14", and trim the excess. The final map size is approximately 11" x 11". The map covers the Central Region of the National Weather Service and includes 3-letter station identifiers for select cities. 

Map History:

The NSSFC was the forerunner to today's Storm Prediction Center. The National Severe Storms Forecast Center was formed in 1966 from SELS (Severe Local Storms Unit) which was located in Kansas City. It became the Storm Prediction Center in 1995 and was relocated to Norman, Oklahoma.

Hand analyzed maps were in common usage. Today hand drawn analyses are an important tool for forecasters seeking to glean as much information as possible from weather observations. Weather Briefing includes examples and codes used for station model plotting accessible from the homepage. 

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Cloud Collection Note Cards

The wonders of the sky are visible every day - if we just look up.  If you have ever looked at the sky and wondered "why" the Cloud Collection Note Cards provide answers. This set of educational note cards include a photo on the front, an interpretation on the back, and are blank inside. Spread the word about the wonders of the sky by using this set of 8 cloud note cards. The cards are 6" x 4 1/2" and are packed in a clear plastic container with 8 envelopes. 

The cards feature photos taken in Iowa of clouds that are visible around the world. Free shipping to United States addresses. The cards, envelopes, and container may all be recycled.

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Observation Forms

Surface Weather Observation Form

This form is designed to record individual weather observations for a day. Up to 24 observations may be recorded. The form accepts entries for  observation time, temperature, sky condition, wind, precipitation, pressure, cloud types, dew point, relative humidity, and current weather.  

Download the form and print it on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.  At the bottom of the form (not shown) there is space to summarize the day's weather. 

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Monthly Climate Form

Record the maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation daily. The form includes space to record current weather at your observation time.

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