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Below you will find four columns; Centers, Forecasts, Severe, and Models. Centers are weather centers devoted to specialty forecasts. Forecasts are links to general forecasts for the public. Severe includes links to forecasts of weather that threatens life and property. Models link to various computer model forecasts.

Forecasts found in the Centers, Forecasts, and Severe columns are generated using computer modeling with forecaster input. Links under the Models provide raw output from computer models. Computer models are used by forecasters as first approximations of the forecast. Model output is often adjusted by forecasters based on known model bias and other factors such as input from satellite, radar, upper air and other observations. Official forecasts include forecaster input. 
Forecasts found in the Models column include text model output produced using statistical methods and model generated maps. The model output is provided here for educational/information purposes. Model output is used by professionals to provide many public forecasts and forecasts for private industry. Forecasters have many tools at their disposal that won't mean much to non-professionals but looking at the models give a glimpse into the world of professional forecasters.

Forecasters from each USA NWS Forecast Office provide weather forecast discussions explaining their reasoning for the forecast.  From this page click on USA Local Forecasts in the Forecasts column below. Click on your location on the USA map. From a drop-down menu under Forecasts (on the second menu bar) click on Forecast Discussion in the drop-down menu. The plain language discussion will include professional terms and concepts but it is possible to read between the lines and understand some of the reasoning behind the forecast.  


Aviation Weather Center
USA Aviation forecasts and current reports

Japan Meteorological Agency

National Hurricane Center
USA plus Atlantic & Pacific hurricanes and typhoon forecasts

Ocean Prediction Center
Global ocean analysis and forecasts

Storm Prediction Center
USA severe storm watches and discussions From NWS/NOAA.

Weather Prediction Center - NWS/NOAA
Weather analysis and forecasts



Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Forecasts and much more

Canadian Forecasts
from Environment Canada

Canada Public Alerts
Includes alerts for significant weather events.

International Forecasts
linked through the WMO.

Japan Daily Forecasts

USA National Weather Service homepage.
Links to NWS products/information.

USA Local Forecasts from the National Weather Service U.S. map portal.** 

USA Marine Forecasts
Ocean and lake weather forecasts from the National Weather Service.

USA Public Forecast Discussion
General discussion of USA weather.


USA Watches/Warnings

Japan Advisories/Warnings
from Japan Meteorological Agency

Japan Marine/Volcano Warnings
from Japan Meteorological Agency


ECMWF Model Output
Limited access to European forecast model output. 

ESRL Rapid Refresh Model
Earth System Research Laboratory output

Government of Canada Forecast Models
Global and regional forecast models.

NOAA/NWS Model Output Statistics
Site specific objective computer forecasts in text form.   

SPC Computer Guidance
Storm Prediction Center forecast guidance

Worldwide Model Guidance from NCEP
Model output in map form from USA models. 

**The NWS local forecast office portal lists forecast offices by state. If you live near your state border your NWS Forecast Office may be located in the neighboring state rather than your state. For example, the forecast office responsible for Council Bluffs, Iowa is located at Omaha Valley, Nebraska. The Omaha Valley office area of responsibility extends several counties into western Iowa.