Midwest March Snowfall


Photo by Craig Johnson - Cedar Falls, Iowa, 3-24-2018

Yesterday's snowstorm dropped 10 inches of snow on Cedar Falls. Not only was there a lot of snow, the snow was very heavy. The snow had a layer of slush at the bottom because of large water content and temperatures that were a little above freezing as the snow fell. At the snow melted the layer of slush at the bottom became deeper.

The above photo shows wet heavy snow stuck on branches. The branches hung low due to the added weight. The next time it snows notice the weight of the snow. Snow's water content tends to be less when temperatures are colder. Therefore the snow is easier to shovel. Wet snow can be very difficult to shovel because of its high moisture content. In our case even two stage snow blowers had a tough time trying to blow the snow. They are made to blow snow flakes not slush.